Payment Policy

Payment Policy
  • Payment has to be thrice a month. i.e. Every 10 days salary to the staff will be done by us
  • We give salary to the staff as per the rules of the company, so here you do not have to make any payment to the staff. If our staff is not finally selected for any reason after a trial period of the days.
  • Then the client has to pay the salary for such days work by the staff
  • A hard copy of the receipt will send to the client following which payment has to be made by the client.
  • You do not have to make any payment to the staff, if you still make payment to our staff then you will be responsible for it and you will have to make payment to the company again, as per rules of company.
Payment Mode
  • Dear Customer You Have To Pay The Invoice Every 10 Days. Means You Have To Pay Us 3 Times In A Month.
  • If You Live In India Or Outside India And You Are Uncomfortable To Pay In 15 Days, Then You Can Pay Us One Month’s Advance Payment To The Company Within 15 Days From 1st Day. In Which The Company Will Mention The Last Date Of Advance Inside The Invoice.
  • Online, NEFT, Check And Cash Payments Are Accepted. A1 Nursing Bureau Promotes And Prefers Online Payment In Advance Which Enables Us To Make Timely Payments To Our Caregivers Without Any Hassle. For Cash/Cheque The Pickup Amount Should Be More Than ₹10,000/- Should Be Paid Through Online Mode.
  • Only Bearer Cheques Are Acceptable
  • Payment Processing Fee: This Will Be Levied On All Invoices Generated At The Rate Of 3% Of The Invoice Amount.
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