Important Notice & Warning

Important Notice

IMPORTANT NOTE: Directly performing duties with company staff or calling staff to your place without informing the company is a criminal activity, which may result in loss of life or property to customers and employees and if caught doing so Immediate legal action will be taken against the customer and staff under Section 420 of IPC and a fine of Rs 15,000 will be imposed. These rules are designed to protect the customer and his/her staff so that our staff and customers are safe from any kind of physical harm or damage in the future.


We Want To Warn You That When Any Of Our Staff Goes On Duty At Your Home, After Checking Their Bags Daily, You Should Allow Them To Go Inside. And When Any Of Our Staff Leaves Home After Completing Duty, Then After Checking His Bag Daily, Let Him Go Out Of His House. If Any Client Does Not Do This, And Later Their Theft Or Loss Of Anything Happens, Then A1 Nursing Bureau Will Not Be Responsible But The Client Will Be Themselves.

Dear customer, we would like to inform you that, if you do duty with our staff without informing company a1 nursing bureau, then there will be a police case against you.

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